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02:26pm 08/12/2009
mood: chipper
I haven't seen almost any of you guys in longtimes. This makes me sad.

Still working at Waxy's. Getting silly hours over Christmas, and it's super hard to get time off, especially Fridays and Saturdays when everything is always planned. Sorry I'm neglecting you all. I miss D&D, I miss making it to random meets, etc. Hopefully after Christmas things'll chill out a bit and I can spend more time with everyone. Y'know, if you still want to.

Relocating this week. Moving to Denniston. Is that how you spell it? I dunno. I'll be living just off Duke St. The flat is quite a bit cheaper and quite a bit nicer than my present one. Still living with my cousin. Haven't done neaaaarly half of what we should to be prepared to move, but whatever. There will be a housewarming in Jan sometime, probably before the 14th but I'm not exactly sure when. More details to follow.

On Monday I'm going to Belgium to hang out with Andy for a couple days. Coming back Wednesday (since that's all the time I can get off at this crazy time of year) and bringing him back with me for about a month. Exciting, exciting.

Supposed to be getting ready for work. Hope you're all enjoying the season's festivities.

Take care <3

10:36am 13/10/2009
mood: okay
Hey, it's been a while.

Just back from Norway and my niece's naming day - Katrina Granly Macrae. That's too cool.

Been working 45h weeks at Waxy O'Connors in town. Really physically demanding but the staff are epic and it's a lot of fun. Have (almost) fixed the oh-shit-I've-got-to-move-home money issue. As a result, though, I haven't seen anyone in aaaages. I miss D&D :< Milla's been back like 3 weeks or something and I haven't even seen her yet. And I STILL didn't get to watch HP with Nomi. Gah. Have we got a date for some kinda xmas thing..? Since I'm back to having to book everything off way in advance, and I really don't wanna miss it..

Hope everyone's good. Love! x
On productivity.   
12:13am 16/09/2009
mood: giddy
Do you ever get that thing where you get so excited about the prospect of doing a zillion different things in your house/flat/whatever (washing clothes, finally putting away that ikea stuff, cleaning the bathrooms, baking a cake..) that it becomes incredibly overwhelming, and you sit down to write about it in lj instead?

Ok, baby steps. Go put on a wash. That would be a good start.

(why does my finger hurt?)

Hope you're all well. Sorry I've kinda been a hermit.

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When it rains, it pours..   
11:10pm 01/09/2009
mood: tired
I have spent all summer looking for jobs with not so much as a call back. This week, I get 4 in 5 days, 4 interviews (2 of which I've cancelled), 2 trial shifts and 1 job offer so far, with my second trial shift coming on Thursday. I have another shift tomorrow in the very lovely pub, 'The Atholl', the wee pub on the corner opposite Walkabout (where, incidentally, I was also offered an interview..) beside the cinema. It's nice but not that many hours :( I have a shift on Thursday at Waxy O'Conners (which means I can't make D&D, sorry Tom :( ), who're offering me 40 hours.. if it isn't horrific, I really can't justify not taking it. Hmmmmmmm.

I'm lame as fuck. It bothers me that a bar job will cut into raiding time during my raiding trial :< When did I become this person?!
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02:30am 30/08/2009
mood: stressed
Why does "we'll call you either way" always mean "we probably won't call you.."?
01:06pm 21/06/2009
mood: excited
Kody and Xia's party was win! Met up with Nomi beforehand and had delicious ice cream whilst listening to a string quartet on the pedestrian bit of Sauchiehall Street. Epic. Then collected various lovely peoples on the way to head over to Kody's shiny flat. Sooo nice to see everyone, and it was supercool having a surprise Jazz and Spike and Sai and Jack and other people I didn't know were gonna be there <3 There was muchos Rockband and chatting and nice times.

Do want more anime girls to turn into cars!

Andandandand! Less than a daaaay! <3
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09:29pm 15/06/2009
mood: chirpy
Today, my mother and I made 42 pots of jam. This was fun.

Yesterday I started making an oragami duck-billed platypus. Epic.

I love visiting home.

memeCollapse )

Ze Belgian is coming back in a week. This is nice.
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And if you find her poor, Ithaka won’t have fooled you   
09:31am 13/06/2009
mood: hopeful
I went to Croatia. Everyone was amaaaaazing and I laughed till my ribs hurt. I drank beer, went to the zoo and met a nice Belgian boy. The downside of this is that he lives in Belgium haha :< But he's coming back in just over a week, so that'll be nice.. The Croatians, Matt and Ivor, were lovely, lovely people and epic tour guides and we got to see and do sooo much around Zagreb. All of their friends are lovely too. I'm very definately gonna go again when I can afford it, and I'm trying to bully them into coming to Scotland :) Win.

I failed uni. Not going to exams will do that for you. But my advisor is a legend, and it turns out not attending the exams has left me in a good position because I can withdraw temporarily with an effective date of just before exams so I technically didn't fail them and I won't go up infront of the progress committee, so I can opt back into the course next year or the year after (probably the year after because of the financial implications of having to pay my own fees next year) no problem. The only thing now is am I gonna be able to afford to live in Glasgow or am I going to move home for a year. I say 'home'... I've only ever lived in the house my parents stay in now for one summer. It was a looooong summer. I know no one who lives around there. It would kinda suck. I could really do with saving some serious cash though. Going up to see my folks and talk it all over tonight. It's amazing how supportive they are about it all; I thought my mum would be pissed I wasted so much time and money but she's just full of suggestions about new and exciting things I could do with my life and paints it all in the light of a new opportunity. I feel so lucky to have the parents I have.

Besides, even if I end up not going back to uni, I don't really think I can call it wasted time. Glasgow has been so, so good to me and I wouldn't trade this experience for anything. Even if it didn't work out like I expected, I'm rich from the journey. I just have to remember what these Ithakas mean :)
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04:37am 24/05/2009
mood: sleepy
Operation: Fucking Massive Clean is going pretty well, but I'm kinda annoyed at Duncan. Aside from not helping in general, half an hour ago he appeared home with a very sweet boy, and while that's lovely for him and it isn't something that happens often, they're sitting chatting in the livingroom. Where the hoover is. And where I still need to clean the windows. And.. and.. mleh, it's just bad timing :< Any other day..
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02:02am 24/05/2009
mood: anxious
Why am I still not onto the bathrooms? D:
05:12am 16/05/2009
mood: sleepy
I have quite carefully managed to spend all day doing exactly nothing to distract myself from all of the somethings I really, really ought to have dealt with. This is becoming a reoccuring theme.

This means waking up in about 6h to get it all done before I go out. Oh, ok.. it doesn't seem so bad now I actually counted it out. I'm not good at getting up, though. And I'm so absurdly tired.


(This song! It makes me want to write down lots of exclamation marks again. I shall refrain..)

Jeez, I need to go find my actual diary. It lets me ramble quietly and to myself ^^
03:12pm 15/05/2009
mood: pleased
I have spent over a week trying to get my letting agent (a big company, not one dodgy guy) to come and fix the lift in our block. This is quite important, since for anyone who doesn't have a parking space, it's the only way to get into the garage where we have to put our rubbish. We have been living with our trash in the flat for about 10 days now, and it's not very plesant. I have been chasing them up and nothing has been getting done.

Today, I mention it in passing to my dad on the phone. 5 minutes after we hang up, I get a call from an incredibly apologetic man telling me how very, very sorry they are and that there will be an electrician in the building in 15 to 20 minutes.

My daddy can fix all my problems <3
03:29am 15/05/2009
mood: optimistic
a small, happy ramblingCollapse )

and then the obligatory meme..Collapse )
control outlet to avoid explosion   
05:19am 11/05/2009
  Croatiaaaaaa Croatiaaaaaa! You are so neaaaaar!

Andy arrives from Belgium on the 24th (13 daaaays!). We go to Zadar on the 27th and travel suuuper late to Zagreb to see Matt and Ivor. Maybe won't meet up with them till the next day though, considering we're gonna get in at about 5am..

13 days is not a long time to tidy my flat and get myself organiiiized. Oh myyyy.

Yes. Yes, all of those extra letters are absolutely necessary.

I'm so wired. And tired. And ohmygodohmygodohmygod.

I want to rant more, but all I have left in me is exclamation marks.

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03:52pm 04/05/2009
mood: amused
This is why I hate the internet:

"HI sexy godess.iam looking for a woman to be an online slave to by text or email, i have a thing for women in control plus i secretly wear womens underwear, if this is your thing and you want to email me or text me orders what colour womens underwear i must wear under my clothes everyday, let me know and i will give you my email and mobile, i hope your intersted in having me as your online slave sexy godess , and iam willing to give two of my females co workers emails so i will have no choice but to do as you say mistress, BUT WOULD BE UNDERSTOOD YOU WOULD NEVER USE THEM , JUST TO KEEP ME IN LINE, AND WOULD BE A TURN ON KNOWING A WOMAN HAS THAT POWER OVER ME, IAM WILLING TO WRITE LINES DO ANY TASK

ok to prove iam not a joker would it help convince you if i was willing to show you a pic of me in womens underwear would that help make your mind up weather iam worthy enough to be your slave godess?"
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05:50pm 21/04/2009
mood: frustrated
So apparently I installed the US version and I need to reinstall.

... Imma go flip a table now.
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02:24am 21/04/2009
mood: tired
Visiting the parentals again. Well kind of.. they're off somewhere having a camper van adventure. I'm just hanging out in the house. It's weird; all I've done for three days is play bad guitar and watch bad tv. Kinda a nice break, though, even if I am getting hoarse from singing along.

Blizzard are being super mean, though. Downloading WoW onto the computer here.. 1-86% completed in about 4? 5? hours. 86-97% has taken the same time again. And I still have the joys of patching to look forward to...
... and they know I'll forgive them as soon as Diablo 3 comes out, damnnit ;-;

EDIT: 05:18 - Too.. many.. patches. Can't make it.. *twitch*

EDIT #2: 05:31 - You know it's time for sleep when...

2.4.3 to 3.0.2 - "8.25 MB of 2.6 GB" 0%.

EDIT #3: 13:48 - This isn't funny any more ;-;

3.0.9 to 3.1.0 - 10%
09:33pm 12/04/2009
mood: relaxed
Yey for nice adventures visiting my parents. Went swimming in the sea at the beach, which was full of people. Eh, I was the only one swimming... but it was pretty fun (in a ohmygodohmygoditsfuckingCOLD kind of way). There was delicious dinner, and the most retarded game of pictionary I've ever played. Yey. I like coming home.

Now Borat is on. Then sleep. Then back to G-town. Good times.
04:24am 10/04/2009
mood: angry
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EDIT: ok, that was the first and last time I drink Jack. It makes me an angry, angry lady :S I'm quite aware that if I went on a crusade against every bam that says something about one of my friends I'd probably get hit a lot more haha -_- it just sucks..
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I'm tired of using technologyyyyy   
11:00am 09/04/2009
mood: tired
Stoopid laptop. It won't charge. This happened a while back cause the power supply pin got kinda bent and weird.. so I bought a new power supply adapter thingy that said my computer could use it. It worked perfectly for a bit but last night I went out and came back in to find my flatmate had moved my computer and now it doesn't charget at all again. Ok, so I know it was a bit wobbly and dodgy on the inside but still I'd rather it had happened when I was using it, y'know? Anyway, apparently it's still under warranty for a month... so they're gonna call me "by Tuesday", then come pick it up and take it away and bring it back within a week. I guess that's ok, but it's gonna be a paaain. And hopefully they won't be too mean about the fact that we cut the casing on a bit of the cable for the old power supply outta nosiness to see what was wrong.. it's definately a problem with the inside. Screw it, even if I have to pay for it I guess there isn't really so much a choice.

Jesus. Why am I wasting my battery telling you this irrelevent crap. Time to go sit hold my cable in a while. Good times.